How are we different from other Esports platforms??

Posted by admin February 7, 2021 in Gaming

We are World’s and India’s First unique Esports gaming company that provides a single platform to all the gamers to Stream, Compete , Participate and Earn. All this and more at the comfort of your place and a total online setup.

We conduct Mobile and PC Esports tournaments online without the user visiting a dedicated venue and using their own devices. All the players from Amateur to Pro level can be part of this tournaments.

Our platform is a all in one platform. You don’t need to worry to stream it on Youtube, Twitch or Discord we do it for you. There is no need to setup multiple software to stream and capture your gameplay.

Also earn from streaming your gameplay or watching ads. Compete with players around the world and showcase your skills. Get a chance to compete and play with well known Indian Gamers.

Get on with your clan or be a one man army. Join the latest action.

G A M E – Gaming and Multiplayer Esports

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